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Oakdale Trails consists of 9.5 miles of natural surface single-track owned by the City of Lapeer.  Designated a multi-use trail, Oakdale welcomes Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Skiing, and Fat Tire Biking.

Enhanced for Mountain Biking, trail features include berms, rollers, rockpiles, skinnies, and jumps... each with an alternate line (path) making Oakdale Trails enjoyable for ALL skill levels!


Get creative with your route my mixing in one of Oakdale's 7 stacked loops to vary your ride

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Friends of Oakdale Trails

Oakdale Trails is managed by the Friends of Oakdale Trails (in partnership with the City of Lapeer Parks & Recreation Department), an all volunteer group of local outdoor recreation advocates and trail stewards dedicated to providing access, maintenance, and improvements to this remarkable resource.


Crank 4 A Cause

Crank 4 A Cause, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, promotes race events bringing awareness to community needs using the power of cycling and fitness.

​Events are designed to promote fun & family with something for everyone including competitive timed bike racing, timed 5K & 10K racing, youth racing, food & beverage vendors, an outdoor Expo and more!


Oakdale Trails were built by TrailSense, LLC., a Michigan company offering full service trail planning, design, and construction.

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Oakdale Trails are an affiliate of The Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA) and exist to maintain and develop mountain biking tail access, support relationships with land managers, and promote responsible mountain biking in Southeast Michigan. 

Beaver Dash Bash

The Beaver Dash Bash is a fundraising event for Oakdale Trails which includes single-track mountain bike racing, 5k or 10k cross-country running racing, youth racing, craft beer tent, food vendors, an outdoor Expo and much more!


Get Involved

These trails rely on people just like you!  If you or your business would like to help support the Oakdale Trails, here are a few different ways to contribute...


One person can make a difference...

Your donation is tax deductible!


Your gift of time is valuable...

Let us help you put it to good use!

Oakdale Trails Get Involved


Please stay tuned for upcoming event and volunteer opportunities.

Oakdae Trail Event Anchor

Rules & Regulations

  1. Be considerate and respectful of other trail users.

  2. Do not use these trails when they are muddy. Do not use the trail if you leave footprints or tire tracks deeper than 1 inch.

  3. By riding these trails, you are assuming all risks.

  4. Control your speed. You are responsible for avoiding objects and people.

  5. All loops are bi-directional.

  6. No changes to the trail including changes to the tread, posting signs, marking trees, or altering vegetation can be made without prior approval from the trail coordinator in conjunction with Lapeer City Parks. Contact the trail coordinator, Peter McCreedy at

  7. Downhill yields to uphill.

  8. Manage your dog. Keeping your dog on a leash and in control keeps other people, other dogs, and wildlife safe. Pack a pick up bag and always remove your dog’s waste.

  9. Class one Ebikes (pedal assist/throttle cut) are allowed.

  10. Follow posted guidelines for winter groomed trails.

Oakdale Trail Rules


Official Oakdale Trail maps courtesy of CRAMBA

Oakdale North.jpg
Oakdale South.jpg
OakdaleTrail Maps

Special Thanks

The Friends of Oakdale Trails would like to thank our in-kind sponsors.

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